Zero ki khoj kisne ki thi

Zero ki khoj kisne ki thi

Hello friends, 0 is the most important number under the subject of mathematics, without zero, today’s subject of mathematics cannot be imagined. Friends, do you know who discovered this zero after all? (0 ki khoj kisne kari thi) If you do not have any information about it, and you want to get information about it, then through this post we are going to give you complete information about it.

Under today’s post, we are going to tell you who discovered zero. Apart from this, we are going to share almost every information related to 0 under this post, so today’s article is going to be very important for you, so definitely read it till the end.

Who discovered zero?

Friends, the most important number of mathematics subject zero was discovered by the great mathematician and astronomer Acharya Aryabhata. The number 0 was used for the first time under the fifth century by Aryabhata, or the number 0 was used. As you would know that Aryabhatta was a resident of India, so he also discovered zero within India, so today zero has been given to the whole world by India only.

History of zero

Zero was being used even before Brahmagupta invented zero. This is seen in the archeology and texts of many ancient temples. In the beginning zero was just a placeholder. But later it became an important part of mathematics. The concept of zero is said to be very old but it was fully developed in India by the 5th century.

The first people to introduce the counting system were the Sumerians. Zero was called Zero in India which is a Sanskrit word. The concept of zero and its definition was first given by the Indian mathematician Brahmagupta in 628 AD. After that its development continued in India. Later in the 8th century zero reached Arboji civilization from where it got its present form ‘0‘. Eventually, around the 12th century, it reached Europe and improved European calculations.

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