Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

Best Coffee Tables for Small Spaces

Looking for the perfect coffee table for your small living room or apartment? Look no further! In this guide, we’ll explore the best coffee tables specifically designed for small spaces.

Why choose a coffee table designed for small spaces? Coffee tables are often seen as bulky and space-consuming, but with the rise of smaller living spaces and apartments, it’s important to maximize every inch in your home. That’s where these specially crafted coffee tables come in. They’re compact, functional, and stylish, offering all the functionality you need while taking up less space. Plus, there are various designs and styles to choose from, so you can find one that suits your taste and space perfectly.

Here are the top 10 coffee tables for small spaces:

  • The Noguchi Table: Designed by Isamu Noguchi, this iconic coffee table has a unique curved base and a glass top, making the room feel spacious while providing a functional surface.
  • The Lift-Top Coffee Table: Ideal for small spaces, this table has a top that can be lifted to reveal a hidden storage compartment, perfect for keeping books and magazines.
  • The Convertible Coffee Table: Transform this table into a desk or dining table when needed, making it perfect for those who need multi-functional furniture.
  • The Nesting Coffee Tables: With multiple tables in one, these tables save space by tucking the smaller ones under the larger one when not in use.
  • The Storage Ottoman Coffee Table: This table doubles as a footrest and provides hidden storage space for blankets and pillows.
  • The Round Coffee Table: Eliminating sharp corners, this table makes the room feel less cluttered and adds a unique design element.
  • The Wall-Mounted Coffee Table: Save valuable floor space by choosing a table that can be folded up when not in use.
  • The Skinny Coffee Table: Long and narrow, this table is perfect for narrow living room spaces without taking up too much space.
  • The Scandinavian Coffee Table: Known for minimalism and functionality, Scandinavian design offers sleek and simple coffee tables that fit well in small spaces.
  • The C-Table: Designed to slide over your sofa or chair, this table provides a functional surface close to you without taking up additional floor space.

When choosing a coffee table for a small space, consider factors like size, functionality, style, and storage options. Measure your available space, think about your needs, and find a coffee table that complements your living room’s style without overpowering it.


Choosing the right coffee table for your small living area may be challenging, but there are many options to choose from. By being thoughtful about what you need and what will best fit your space, you can find a coffee table that will add functionality and style to your home. Whether you prefer lift-top, folding, nesting, round, or glass coffee tables, you can find the perfect coffee table that both makes your small space feel more significant and looks great. So go ahead and start your search today!

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