What is the full form of NABH

What is the full form of NABH

NABH FULL FORM = NATIONAL ACCREDITATION BOARD FOR HOSPITALS & HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers)

What is NABH?

The National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) standards is the highest benchmark standard for hospital quality in India today. There are mainly two versions of the standards for allopathic hospitals.

1 :- Full NABH = suitable for large specialty and tertiary care level hospitals.

2 :- Entry Level NABH = Mainly for small hospitals which do not have the infrastructure and resources to comply with full NABH.

What is the full form of NABH

Though initially developed by the Quality Council of India on the lines of International Accreditation Standards like JCI, ACHS and Canadian Hospital Accreditation Standards, the full NABH has now evolved into 5 major revisions and is now seen as an advanced and very practical set of standards. Is.

It is normative, timely and relevant to India’s unique health care system needs. It is also acknowledged by ISQUa, International Society for Quality Assurance in Healthcare, as one of the best international accreditation in the world.

The entry level NABH came about after 8 years to meet the needs of smaller hospitals who were finding it difficult to comply with the more stringent requirements of the full NABH.

NABH. purpose of

Accreditation of health facilities and treatment options

Quality enhancement through initiatives such as Nursing Excellence, Laboratory Certification Program, Safe-I and more

IEC activities like public lectures, advertisements, seminars, workshops and more

Education and training for quality and patient safety

To introduce and promote health care quality courses and workshop.

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