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What is PCNOK?

The organisation that represents Oklahoma’s 19 Community Health Centres is called PCNOK (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma). They work for improvements in the healthcare industry.

Also, the group provides services to citizens of 77 countries outside of Oklahoma. In support of its business, it also encourages group purchasing and other forms of mutual contracting.

Its organisation employs no more than 25 people. One thing that can be claimed is that, in comparison to other businesses, it offers the best services.Today’s advanced technologies and solutions help every sector run more efficiently. Similar to how the healthcare industry benefits greatly from technological improvements, which make it possible to offer the best remote services and health management solutions. In relation to digital health, PCNOK stands out as the best support for both elderly and regularly unwell people in the areas of healthcare and treatment. Online healthcare solutions are required to remotely monitor the health-related issues in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the movement restrictions, social isolation, and unproductive lifestyle-related illnesses.

The PCNOK was established in 2014 with the goal of providing the best and most cutting-edge healthcare facilities to all patients through innovative medical processes with increased effective teamwork. It is an association of 19 community healthcare centres of Oklahoma

The PCNOK works with other organisations to get their records while also giving each patient the best care possible. In addition, they work with other organisations to improve healthcare services.

Almost 500 clients use Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, from smaller firms to government agencies. According to Patient Care Network of Oklahoma, improving healthcare is important for the growth of any society.

Mission of PCNOK

The mission of PCNOK is to improve the quality of life of patients and their families through support, advocacy, and education. In order to fulfil this purpose, the organisation offers a range of services, such as:

PCNOK provides patients and families with a variety of educational materials and tools, including details on particular medical issues, available treatments, and how to use the medical system.

PCNOK organises support groups for people with particular conditions, like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer, as well as their families. These groups provides a safe and supportive setting where people may actually open about their experiences and support one another with practical and emotional support.

PCNOK’s Main Objectives

The organisation is dedicated to developing the investigation programme, Mediation, and statistics on patient care is PCNOK. Many award categories are contained in PCNOK, which also follows and completes the many model types for the fundamental association’s basis

You’ll be surprised to learn that PCNOK’s total revenue is less than $5,000,000, which is considerably lower than the market average

Everyone Has Permission

Members of PCNOK accept patients with Medicaid, Medicare, self-care, or private protection. Additionally, they offer discounts to patients who pay with cash as part of the 200 percent impoverishment. Anyone can accept this offer when the employment and condition of the patient have been confirmed.

Key Benefit of PCNOK

The PCNOK team network manages to get advantage to every needy person from their home.  The network watches the patients, maintains an eye on their advancement, and takes appropriate action

That enables medical professionals to use more innovative techniques and keep an eye on more patients from the hospital’s operating room.

Families and carers of patients can rely on the network’s constant monitoring to make sure that medical professionals are informed of what is going on with them and can act quickly when needed.

The distance between patients and  doctors is enlarged by PCNOK. It contributes to lessening the burden on the local infrastructure and the demand on emergency departments.

Any Oklahoma healthcare professionals who desire to cooperate to enhance patient care and quality of life are welcome to join PCNOK. The group’s resources, training, and support are available to members.

Following are the members of PCNOK organization-

North-eastern Oklahoma Community Health Centre

PCHC Panhandle Counselling& Health Centre Health Clinic

Pushmataha Family Medical Centre, Inc

Shortgrass Community Health Centre

South Central Medical and Resource Centre

Stigler Health and Wellness Centre, Inc

Variety Health Care

Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centres, Inc.

Caring Hands Healthcare Centres, Inc.

Central Oklahoma Family Medical Centre

Community Health Centre of Northeast Oklahoma, Inc.

Community Health Centres of Oklahoma

Community Health Connection, Inc.

Centre for Therapeutic Interventions (CTI)

East Central Oklahoma Family Health Centre, Inc.

Family Health Centre of Southern Oklahoma

Good Shepherd Community Clinic

Great Salt Plains Health Centre

Kiamichi Family Medical Centre

Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.



In conclusion, the PCNOK provides an extensive network of patient care that is specialized to Oklahoma patients’ need. The network offers services that are practical and relatively inexpensive, as well as access to high-quality care from a number of providers.

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