What is Picnob Instagram Viewer and Downloader?

Looking for the best Instagram viewer and downloader? Instagram is a famous social media platform that has more than a billion active users. Whether you want to share videos and pictures or promote your online business, you can use Instagram. But the restriction of Instagram policies makes it tough for users to view and download content from this app.

Here the role of Picnob comes. Picnob is an online platform that helps you to view and download videos and photos on Instagram in a few seconds. With the help of Picnob, you can browse by Instagram profile online, search for tags or profiles, and download videos or images as you want.   This article will tell you about the picnob Instagram viewer and downloader, along with its benefits.

Understand picnob

Picnob is considered a free-to-use web-based application that permits people to browse and download videos and images on Instagram online.

How does Picnob works

Picnob is a free web-based application that works by using the API of Instagram to get information and content from this platform. If you want to use Picnob, you only need to visit the site and enter the hashtag or username you want to search. Picnob Instagram viewer and downloader permit you to save videos or images to your device online. You only need to use the download button on the media you want to save, and the picnob downloads the same in high resolution to your device.

Why you should use Picnob for Instagram

Here are various benefits of using the Picnob Instagram viewer and downloader

  • Easy to Use: It is easy to use the Picnob, even if you are not a technical expert. You simply need to enter your search query, and the app will do the same.
  • Comprehensive: Picnob gives you a complete view of Instagram and permits you to browse through Instagram profiles, browse hashtags, and see videos and images from private accounts.
  • Fast: Picnob is fast lightning and displays the search results in seconds. It means you can easily find the media that you want to download without wasting any seconds.
  • Download Media: The built-in downloader of Picnob permits you to save video and images to your device. It is useful if you want to save media from Instagram stories or private accounts
  • No Registration Required: Like the other Instagram viewers and downloaders, Picnob does not need you to sign up or give personal information. It means you can easily use the app without any limits.

Cons of picnob

Along with benefits, here are the same drawbacks of using Picnob

  • Limited functionality compared to the Instagram app

Picnob is a top Instagram viewer and downloader, whereas the Instagram app provides many features like liking, commenting, and messaging.

  • No interaction with other users

Picnob provides a one-way interaction between Instagram profiles and users and permits you to browse online without collaboration.

  • Risk of addiction and unhealthy behavior

Even the anonymity is perfect for users, its use lead to compulsive behavior. It leads to an unhealthy social network relationship.

Picnob vs. other Instagram viewers and downloaders

Here are the facts made in comparison of picnob with other Instagram viewers and downloaders

Instagram app: It is impossible to download images from the Instagram app. You can see images and videos easily, but they do not download them to your device

Third-party downloaders: There are various third-party downloaders online available, but many are not available and are affected by malware. Picnob is a reliable and safe tool that you can easily use without downloading programs or apps

Other Instagram users: Other Instagram viewers permit you to see the videos and photos but may not provide you complete Instagram experience. Using Picnob, you can see the profile, browse photos, and hashtags from any private account


Instagram Viewer and Downloader is an online tool that helps you to download the full potential of the content on Instagram. Unleash the full Instagram potential,  picnob browse the profiles, search for tags, and download videos and images you want. It is easy, fast, and free to use. Whether you are social media marketer or an avid Instagram user, picnob is the best tool for people who want to download content from Instagram.

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