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Gardening Tips: Adopt these gardening tips in less space

Many people are fond of gardening, but it is not easy to do it. Especially if you live in a small space. If you have a little extra space in your flat and you want to create a small garden on the balcony or terrace, then some special tips can be useful for you. The most important thing about gardening is that you have to take great care of what you want to plant in it. If you are gardening in a small space like a balcony, then vine-like plants, vegetables, flowers, as well as small potted things can prove to be very good. So now you also know those five tips which can be useful for you.

  1. Loosen the soil of the pot-

You must have seen that the gardener comes and digs the soil of trees or pots in the garden of the house. With the help of a spade (gardening tool), loosen the top soil a little. That is, if the soil is completely frozen, then it has to be dug a little. This will help in reaching air and oxygen to the roots. But keep in mind that the roots of indoor plants are very delicate, so do not do this too vigorously, otherwise the plant may be harmed.

  1. Trimming of plants is necessary-

Just as trimming of hair increases the scope of growth of hair, similarly it happens with plants. Trimming of plants is very important so that they have side growth. If there is a bushy plant like basil, trimming becomes very important for it. If your plant is not showing any growth for a long time, then do it immediately. You can do this also once in 30-45 days.

  1. Take care of vine plants in this way-

If you have planted vine plants in the house and especially vine vegetables like cucumber, ridge gourd, gourd etc., then you have to try that the vine grows vertically. To grow a vine vertically, trim off all of its side growth. For example, in vegetables and fruit plants, some leaves also start growing next to the fruit flower. Cut them off. Due to this, all the nutrition received by the plant will go directly to the main stem from which the vegetables will grow. But while doing this, keep in mind that you should not accidentally cut the fruit flower. Vegetables grow ahead of fruit flowers.

If there are air purifying plants or plants used for show, then cut off all the brown leaves for their trimming.

  1. Add fertilizer to the plants planted inside the house like this-

If you have an outdoor garden, then adding fertilizer in 1-2 months is fine, but indoor plants grown in less space need more fertilizer. Always apply fertilizer to indoor plants only after loosening the soil. Do this work every 20-30 days. Do not take too much quantity of fertilizer, it will be according to the size of the pot. But keep in mind that put it every month. Indoor plants need all the nutrients in less soil and it can be done like this.

  1. Give water to the plants at this time-

The timing of watering the plants should also be right. If you water the plants in the evening, they will remain waterlogged throughout the night due to less sunlight. In such a situation, their roots can rot. Indoor plants have weak roots anyway so it is better to water them in the morning. If you have planted plants in a small area like a balcony, then avoid watering in the evening. The accumulation of water in a small space will increase the chances of mosquitoes coming from that place.

Also, if the leaves of your plant are bigger then it needs more water. Do not pour water directly in these too, either take a watering container or you can pour water from a plastic bottle. To pour water from a plastic bottle, you make small holes in its lid and then water the plants with their help. Due to this, the water pressure will not cause any harm to the plant.

All these tips can prove to be very useful for indoor plants. If you have a small garden, then definitely try these tips, your plants will start growing.

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