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Simple Kitchen Design: 10 Ideas To Give Your Kitchen A New Look

When you design your kitchen, you need to think about how to go about it and make proper use of the space with the resources, money and time available. Keeping things simple is the best idea. However, simplicity is not an easy thing to achieve, especially when you want your kitchen to look attractive and clutter-free. Moreover, if you have a small kitchen, then implementing all your ideas can be a difficult task. It may need some changes to meet your idea. As achieving a simple kitchen design is no easy feat, we have come up with this illustrated guide of 50 simple kitchen designs to help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

1. simple kitchen design
A L-shaped small kitchen with marble flooring can be an option for anyone looking to create a simple kitchen in a flat or apartment.

2. simple kitchen design
If you have more space to spare, a kitchen island would be an ideal option. It makes the whole area look more organized and spacious. The white and blue/black tones of this kitchen design look magical with the dark wood kitchen floors.

3. simple kitchen design
Going completely solo with blue can be another option if it captures your fancy. Check out this simple kitchen design that is spacious and elegant as well as colourful.

4. simple kitchen design
This U-shaped kitchen can be another option if limited space doesn’t allow you to have a full kitchen island. Apart from the kitchen, you can also keep a dining area in it.

5. simple kitchen design
Not all of us like muted color tones. This green colored laminate kitchen is spacious and stylish. This simple kitchen design can be cost effective too.

6. simple kitchen design
This open modular kitchen design deserves your attention as it has all the right elements – ventilation, lighting, decor and space.

7. simple kitchen design
If space isn’t an issue, this vintage Green Island kitchen will add loads of elegance to a home built with contemporary concepts.

8. simple kitchen design
Those who do not want their kitchen to look congested can opt for this one wall kitchen with a large open area.

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Simple Kitchen Design #9
Built on the same concept, this one-wall kitchen is quite glamorous because of the colorful furnishings that complement the glossy black floor and gray background.

10. simple kitchen design
If you want to have a dining area within the kitchen, then this simple kitchen design is one that you might like.

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