Keyboard Ka Avishkar

Keyboard Ka Avishkar Kisne Kiya

Keyboard plays an important role in doing any kind of work in the computer. Keyboard is a computer input device. Through which any kind of world input is done in the computer, only then we can see its result on our computer.

But it is also necessary to know who invented the Keyboard Ka Avishkar Kisne Kiya keyboard first. By the way, there are many types of keyboards available in today’s time, such as a keyboard that connects to the computer through a wire.

A keyboard is wireless, it is input into the computer via WiFi or Bluetooth. But the first QWERTY keyboard was invented. QWERTY is written on the first line of the keyboard.

For this reason, this keyboard is known as Q W E R T Y i.e. QWERTY keyboard, so who was the first person to discover this keyboard. Know in detail below what kind of keyboard typing was done before Qwerty keyboard.

What is the invention of the keyboard?

Computer has many parts. Some are input devices. Some are output devices. The use of input devices and output devices is important for doing any kind of work in a computer.

Similarly, a very important part of the computer is the input device keyboard, which is used to command the computer. The first QWERTY keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes of America.
That is why Christopher Latham Soulage is called the father of the typewriter or the father of the QWERTY keyboard. Earlier typewriters were used for typing.

But there was no space button in the typewriter, due to which there was a lot of difficulty in typing. The speed in typing was also less and if any kind of mistake was made, there was a problem in erasing it.

Whatever English word was there in that typewriter, it was ABCD i.e. A to Z was written continuously. It was very difficult to use it.

That’s why Christopher Sholes created the QWERTY keyboard with the space button and all the English words on it.

When was the keyboard invented?

By the way, typewriters started being used only in the 17th century. But due to many types of flaws in it, there was a problem in typing.

As in it the English word was continuously A to Z and the space button was not there. That’s why typing was done in low speed. In 1968, Christopher Sholes separated all the English words on the keyboard and wrote Q W E R T Y in the top line, which is called QWERTY keyboard.

In today’s time also this keyboard is used. Then Christopher Sholes got the patent of this keyboard in his name. The first keyboard with a shift key was invented in 1878.

Since then, the keyboard was made by making many changes till the present time. Looking at the needs of the time, different types of keyboards are being invented.

What is the full form of keyboard

It is necessary to use the keyboard to operate the computer. By the way, in today’s time many such laptops have been invented which are used by screen touch.

But still it becomes difficult to work without keyboard in many computers or laptops. The full form of keyboard is Keys Electronic Yet Board Operating A to Z Response Directly Hota Hai.

keyboard type

There are many types of keys in computer keyboard. In which there is a function key at the top. After that there is a number key. Below the number key there is a word written Q W E R T Y which is the top key. The keyboard is called QWERTY keyboard by the name of this QWERTY.

Below this is the middle row. In which ASDFGHJKL is written. At the bottom is the bottom key. In which ZXCVBNM is written. The number is written on the right side of the keyboard, it is called the numerical key.

Apart from this, there are many other keys in the keyboard, such as capslock, shift key, control key, alt key, enter key, backspace, four arrow keys etc. The number of keys in each keyboard is different.

Earlier the keyboard used to have only 84 keys. But the maximum number of keys can be 105 to 110. There are many types of keyboards which have different names.

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