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HP Printer Error State E8: Steps to Solve Issue

An HP Printer error states E8 problem is common. The problem indicates that there is a scanner carriage issue with your printer. This issue can either be scanner motor-based or software-based. Before stepping to the solution or other steps ensure to update the HP printer software. If you face an issue even after the driver update, then follow all the essential steps listed in this blog right away.

Top Reason for HP Printer Error State E8 Right Here!

As stated above there is two main cause for HP printer error state E8, these includes:

  • Software-based
  • Scanner motor connection

The above reasons can prevent carriage smooth movement and result in other printing issues.

Step-by-step Guide to Fix HP Printer Error E8

An HP printer error state E8 is caused due to a scanner carriage problem. Hence, without wasting one minute you need to fix the HP printer in an error state with proper guidelines. Once you complete the essential steps the printer will start responding automatically by dispatching an error light message.

First of all, find whether the error is caused due to breakage in the scanner motor connection or software issues, or any other technical fault in the motor itself. Follow the below steps to solve the problem as early as possible.

Step 1: Open the printer cover

Step 2: Unlock the ink cartridge lever > hold the handle > and pull the cartridge out

Step 3: Unclip the printer roller from the holder after locating it.

Step 4: Hold on to the roller and clean the same with damped cotton with alcohol. Remove all dust > accumulated ink and other foreign substances.

Step 5: Allow the roller to get dry.

Step 6: Now clip the roller to the printer holder, push it gently, and set the roller into the right position.

Step 7: Look for the jack after turning the printer sideways, don’t forget to remove the two nuts before removing the jack.

Step 8: Clean and reinstall the printer roller and other parts. Also fix the nuts that you have taken off.

Step 9: Re-install the ink cartridge back lock the lever down

Step 10: Close the printer and check whether the error light is blinking or not

Step 11: If the light is blinking, close the scanner after applying oil to the driver’s gears

Step 12: Start your printer back again

We hope the above steps might help you to solve the HP printer in error state E8 problem quickly.

Wrapping Up

HP printer E8 is a common error that can be solved by following a quick solution. However if you fail to solve the HP printer error state then not to worry, just contact the HP printer support team. They will provide you with the right solution whenever needed.

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